No Excuses University

Latino mother and daughter doing school work

LASER inaugurated its partnership with No Excuses University through a 4th grade class at John R. Good Elementary in Irving, Texas. The partnership fosters an awareness and drive toward higher education among elementary students, parents, teachers at the school and serves as a daily reminder of the importance of education beyond high school.

As their teacher Rosario G. Cortés stated, “This message is of special importance to our community. In our district, we are one of the schools with the lowest social economic status - 95% of our students live below the poverty line. In addition to our economic disadvantage, most of our students come from homes where English is spoken as a second language, if at all. But even against all of these odds, we are instilling in our children that there are NO EXCUSES."

LASER is working with Ohio State's admissions office and the Latino Student Association on this special project.