LASER (Latinx Space for Enrichment and Research) was founded in 2009 to focus on scholarship and mentoring of Latinx students. It provides a forum for Ohio State faculty, staff, and students to build a scholarly community on campus and to prepare, recruit, and retain Latinx scholars from high school to college and on to graduate school.

2019 SÕL-CON

September 25-27, 2019

SÕL-CON brings together Columbus area youth, as well as industry insiders, indie comic creators and exhibitors, for a comic convention unlike any other.

Learn more about SÕL-CON: The Brown and Black Comix Expo


LASER works to make sure the young Latinx population in central Ohio is college ready, will succeed once in college, and will want to get involved and give back to their communities to build the next generation of Latinx professionals to shape the future.

Build a Latinx mentoring network across central Ohio
  • Operate 15 Hubs by 2022

  • 1-2 Hub Coordinator(s) at each Hub

  • 1-2 Mentor(s) at each Hub

  • 5-25 Scholars at each Hub

  • 100+ Scholars across all Hubs

Increase Latinx applications to Ohio State University
  • 100% of graduating Scholars apply to Ohio State

Expand the presence of Latinx visitors to Ohio State University
  • Host SÕL-CON each fall

  • Host Latinx Role Models Day each spring

  • Host LASER's bilingual Pan Dulce Night every semester


Center – LASER is not an academic department or administrative office at Ohio State, but rather a program within the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, with a dedicated work space for LASER students to use in Hagerty Hall on the main Columbus campus

Hubs – Student working groups that meet weekly throughout the school year at local high schools, for students to prepare for college admission and learn about college life

Hub Coordinators – Paid graduate and advanced undergraduate students who are responsible for overseeing the professional and academic activities at each Hub who serve as role models and bridge builders to undergraduate Mentors and high school Scholars

Mentors – Volunteer undergraduate students who support the Hub Coordinators to develop and implement curricula at each Hub, guiding high school Scholars through the college application process, exam preparation, entrance essay writing, and applying for financial aid

Scholars – High school students dedicated to academic excellence and the pursuit of higher education