Laser Mentoring Program

LASER Mentoring Program

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The LASER Mentoring Program is designed to be a cyclical three-tiered system:

Faculty – MENTOR – graduate students

Graduate students – MENTOR – undergraduate students

Undergraduate students – MENTOR – high school students…

…who eventually become Ohio State undergraduate and graduate students – and the cycle continues.

The Mentoring Program is made up of a network of Hubs throughout central Ohio. These Hubs are run by Ohio State graduate and undergraduate students who serve as LASER Hub Coordinators and Mentors, respectively. Each Hub meets weekly for Hub Coordinators and Mentors to guide high school Scholars through all aspects of the college application process.

This may include learning good study techniques, preparing for standardized college entrance exams, applying for internships and scholarships, or submitting college applications. Scholars will also have opportunities to develop a broad understanding of the college experience by learning about on-campus housing, extracurricular involvement opportunities, summer research programs, LASER sponsored internships and employment, and hopefully visiting the Ohio State campus. Additionally, university students can provide moral and emotional support to Scholars as they navigate high school, teenage life, and a world comprised of people who do not look like them.


LASER Scholar – Leobeliz Perdomo:
“I got accepted to all the colleges I applied to, including Ohio State [with a Morrill Scholarship]. LASER, keep doing all the activities and programs because they're really helpful and fun.”

LASER Scholar – Kayla Calvillo:
“I love how LASER has aided me throughout my last year of high school by providing constant support and help for all of my college endeavors. In addition, I love how everyone is so caring and compassionate! I hope to gain leadership skills that will aid me in one day being a LASER mentor myself so I am able to give back and help someone else in the same way LASER has helped me!”

LASER Mentor – Carlos Mendez:
“For me, LASER is more than just helping disadvantaged high school students get to college, it's a place where students can be real about their failures, frustrations, and victories as we strive toward our shared vision.”

LASER Scholar's Mother – Beatriz Perdomo:
“Mi hija fue acceptada en OSU [with a Morrill Scholarship]. Que sigan con este buen trabajo muchas gracias.”

LASER Scholar – Carlos Hernandez:
“I have been able to do so many things while being a LASER Scholar. I have been able to attend study workshops that have helped me on test-taking skills and…was able to visit colleges with the help of LASER…I'm proud of being a LASER scholar and being able to acquire all the academic mentoring they provide.”

LASER MentorJasmine Morel:
“Being a LASER mentor is probably one of the best opportunities on campus. The advantage of helping out other students and being a mentor for students is great as they learn and have the advantage to further their education and get into college. It is also a great way to network with other students on campus and get involved with the Ohio State community.”

LASER Scholar's Mother – Sandra Ortega Gomez:
“I really appreciate the opportunity for my daughter to participate in LASER…I met with my daughter's mentor last week, and she was prepared with information to share with my daughter… and encouraged my daughter to get involved in activities on campus…I believe the LASER mentorship will teach my daughter a lot and support her transition from high school to college...thank you!”