LASER Latinx Role Models Day

Latinx Role Models Day

In an effort to keep our communities safe and following university coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols, this event has been canceled.

2020 Latinx Role Models Day | March 30, 2020

Latinx Role Models Day (LRMD) brings together hundreds of local high school student participants and Latinx professional volunteers to Ohio State for a day filled with inspiration.

LRMD's primary goals:

  • Introduce participants to a university campus

  • Get them excited about college life

  • Normalize the visit so that they can envision themselves being at college someday

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The day is organized into small group workshops that are led by Latinx professionals working in a wide variety of industries including: academia, parks and recreation, arts, finance, healthcare, and medicine. Professionals share their stories of triumph so high school students can realize that they are not alone in this struggle and that many other Latinxs have achieved success despite having obstacles along the way. These local leaders are meant to inspire the young students to work hard in school and never give up in life, as they are living proof that there is hope and that they too can someday succeed in building a better life for themselves and their families.

“The highlight: I got to meet other high schoolers that wanted to major in the same thing as me”

— High School Student

“It was a fantastic event and I was honored to have been asked to play a role in helping the next generation navigate their career options.”

— Role Model

“My students loved Latino Role Models Day for just that reason: it opened their eyes to the many different opportunities that are available to them.”


“The program is a wonderful example of how powerful we are as a community.”

— Role Model