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Digital HUB Mission

In this time of social distancing, LASER aims to continue our goal of mentoring students through online office hours via zoom and pre-recorded presentations. We will continue to create safe spaces online for students to discuss their future and to get the resources they need from our dedicated LASER mentors.

Introducing Our Digital Team

To sign up for office hours with one of our members, please click on their YouCanBookMe link and sign up for a meeting time.

De’Chelle Buckhalter h

LASER has always been a way for me to give back and share the knowledge that I wish I had known in my journey to college. I pride myself in being a role model who can not only share my own personal experiences, but also guide those who may need it most. It has been an amazing journey throughout undergrad for me and can only hope to keep investing and uplifting the next generation of young scholars!

YouCanBookMe: De’Chelle Buckhalter
Laura Fernandez h

LASER Beechcroft Hub Coordinator, PhD Candidate, Department of Spanish and Portuguese. As a first-generation Latina to go to college, I personally know how difficult it is to navigate higher education without someone there to lead the way. I was fortunate enough to have an older sibling to show me the ropes, but not all of our Hub scholars are that lucky, which is why I think LASER is so important. If I can help at least one Latinx scholar achieve part of their goals, then I will consider my work with LASER a success!

YouCanBookMe: Laura Fernandez
Carlos Kelly h

One of the deciding factors in attending OSU was the fact that I could work with LASER and be a role model for Latinx youth. Being a first generation Mexican-American and from the border-town of San Diego, I knew that I could offer my experience and life training as a resource to the Latinx community in Ohio. I'm here to be a positive Latinx presence and to show Latinx youth that college is not out of reach. Si se puede!

YouCanBookMe: Carlos Kelly
Sheila Okere h

I am currently a medical student at the Ohio State University College of Medicine. As a first-generation Nigerian-American, I had an early exposure to healthcare disparities and the lack of diversity among providers in the field of medicine. I hope to play my part in changing the narrative of what “professional” looks like as well as reduce the gaps in healthcare among various patient populations. I joined LASER as one of the Charles Hub coordinators because I am a passionate about creating a world where everyone has access to limitless opportunities despite race, gender, and socioeconomic status.

YouCanBookMe: Sheila Okere
Nereida Sotelo h

    My name is Nereida Sotelo and I am currently a second-year medical school at the Ohio State University College of Medicine. As a first-generation Latina in the United States as well as first generation high school and college graduate, I have a first-hand experience as to how important mentorship is for our Latinx youth. I joined LASER because I am passionate about mentoring younger students and helping them achieve their goals. I believe that it is important to have diversity in all aspects of our society, whether it be increasing the diversity amongst medical professionals or increasing the number of Latinx students that pursue an education beyond high school."

    YouCanBookMe: Nereida Sotelo
    Irma Zamora h

    As a first-generation Latina from Santa Ana, CA, I understand the incredible value of mentorships and resources to communities and especially youth of color. My understanding of the crucial need for strong community networks stems from my own academic work focusing on Latinx narratives through the lenses of gender, race, citizenship, and queerness. I aim to bring my previous experience working with youth leadership to work with and for the Latinx youth community in Columbus.

    YouCanBookMe: Irma Zamora