Journal for Undergraduate Research at Ohio State

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Journal for Undergraduate Research at Ohio State

by Sarah Stouffer-Lerch

If you're a writer, a philosopher, a questioner or just a person who has fallen down the Wiki spiral more than once in your life, then the Journal for Undergraduate Research at Ohio State (JUROS) might just be the student organization for you.

JUROS is the university's only research journal, and it is dedicated to publishing research from students across all disciplines. Ryan McIlvaine, the Marketing and Author Relations chair, is in charge of author recruitment and outreach. McIlvain says “as long as someone has an interest in research,” their work will be accepted.

As a member and manuscript editor of JUROS myself, I can attest to its inclusivity. Manuscripts, abstracts, papers, and other forms of research are accepted on a yearly basis. As soon as they are received, an editor will read over the paper several times, editing only for clarity, grammar mistakes, and readability. Once the research is approved, the author is notified and their work will be included in the annual journal, which is an official publication.

McIlvaine says a lot of his job as marketing chair is drawing attention to JUROS. Lots of students wish to publish their original research on campus but don't know where to look. Encompassing all disciplines, the editorial board has both humanities and STEM majors, which ensures a broader spectrum of student voices are being heard.

Due to the expense of publishing annually, JUROS frequently hosts fundraisers, including a monthly clean-up at the Schottenstein Center, which is the perfect event to get involved in the organization. For more information on JUROS, you can email Ryan McIlvaine at You can also contact Samantha Loeffler ( or Emily Katula (, who both serve as editor-in-chief.

For information on what JUROS is currently doing, find JUROS on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.