Hale Director Named as
University Distinguished Staff

Larry Williamson receives 2015 Distinguished Staff Award

After returning from a trip to the White House where President Obama welcomed the National Championship Buckeye football team, Larry Williamson, Jr., had another honor waiting for him: the 2015 Distinguished Staff Award.

Larry, who has been the Director of the Frank W. Hale, Jr. Black Cultural Center for over 22 years, was named as one of only 12 Ohio State employees selected to receive the university’s Distinguished Staff Award. In addition to serving as director of the Hale Center, Larry also serves on the National Board of the Association for Black Cultural Centers, and coordinates numerous events with the Alumni Association, Student Life, Columbus State, Kings Arts Complex, the Urban League, United Way as well as many other community entities. Larry is also the advisor of three student groups: African American Voices; the Black Graduate and Professional Student Caucus (BGPSC); and Iota Phi Theta and serves on a number of university-wide committees. In addition to his work in Hale Hall, Larry is the curator of the Bricker Hall exhibits.

Larry is a staff member who clearly loves what he does and does it with passion and purpose, always operating with the Hale Center’s, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s, and our students’ best interest at heart. Throughout many years, Larry has brought quality, compassion, and dedication to his work. “Mr. Williamson places an emphasis on the well-being of each student and reminds us of the importance of our roles in continuing the legacy started by Dr. Frank Hale,” said Edwin Lee, the current student president of the BGPSC – and there are many more Buckeyes out there who would readily affirm this assessment.

Then, on Monday, May 4, 2015, Larry, along with the 11 other honorees, was presented his Distinguished Staff award by President Michael Drake and Provost Joseph Steinmetz.

Larry Williamson, his son and wife, with Vice Provost Valerie Lee
Left to right: Larry Williamson, III; Larry Williamson, Jr.; vice provost for Diversity and Inclusion Valerie Lee; Pamela Burdette-Williamson


Congratulations, Larry, on this well-deserved honor.

The Distinguished Staff Award recognizes 12 staff members, who have had five years of continuous service, for exceptional accomplishments, leadership, and service to the university community by significantly improving or enhancing the quality of worklife in ways that make a substantial difference for their colleagues; contributing to outstanding and sustained improvements in customer services; and developing creative solutions to problems that result in significantly more effective and efficient university operations.