MLK Scholar Alexandria Goolsby

Alexandria_Goolsby in graduation gownIn August of 2013, Alexandria left her community in Detroit Michigan to begin her journey of becoming a Buckeye.  Before arriving on campus, Alexandria competed for and was selected to receive one of the University’s most prestigious and competitive diversity scholarships offered by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion: the Morrill Scholarship. She arrived on campus as a Morrill Scholar and as a scholar in the Biological Sciences Program sponsored by University Honors & Scholars where she served as a mentor for two years. Alexandria would continue her diversity work serving as the treasurer of the Caribbean Student Association. 

Her volunteer service included participating as a Welcome Leader for University Housing’s  Ohio State Welcome Leaders Program, affectionately known as OWLs, where she helped students and their families with move-in day. Finally, during her undergrad career, Alexandria spent each MLK holiday volunteering for Ohio State’s Day of Service. Alexandria shared that the appreciation she received through her volunteer service was heartwarming and left her feeling grateful while affirming her desire to continue her community service activities as an integral part of her work ethic.   

Alexandria’s academic interests were influenced by her strong interest in medicine and the law. She wanted to be a criminal defense attorney, but her interest in medicine led her to consider a career as a criminal profiler, also referred to as a behavioral/intelligence analysist. This profession offered her a way to connect a medical path and her deep interest in the law. To aid in her decision, Alexandria volunteered at the Department of Public Safety to ride with police officers to learn about the experiences and demands of this profession. Alexandria determined the best academic match for her was Neuroscience, where she specialized in Behavioral Systems. Through this specialization, Alexandria was able to gain an understanding of the human brain and behavioral thought processes while exploring and analyzing the way we think and act.   

This past December, Alexandria’s journey as a Buckeye culminated in her earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience from the College of Arts and Sciences. She is planning to pursue a Master's in Behavioral/Intelligence Analysis and hopes to become a profiler for a federal agency or a state or local police department.

Alexandria would like to thank Ms. Deborwah Faulk, a GAA in the ODI Scholars program, for always checking in on her and being involved in her journey.