Art Collection

One of the largest Black art collections in the United States and recognized by the Association of Black Culture Centers as one of the top five in the country, the Hale Center’s artwork illustrates the Black experience through nationally-recognized artists. The art exposes visitors to a variety of Black art, and many of the artists, such as Smokey Brown and Ralph Bell, are from the Columbus area. Traditional artifacts from various tribal groups within Africa, South Africa, and the Caribbean are also represented.

Hale Center artwork featured in an exhibition during summer 2017

Most of the artwork has been donated by the artists or is on loan to the Hale Center. Below are just a few of the hundreds of paintings and sculptures in the collection, which can be viewed in the Hale Center on the first floor of Hale Hall.

King's Life Apartheid Series<br>for Steven Zero Untitled The Emancipation Series Untitled In Unity There<br>is Strength Home and Liberated Land with Water Ashanti #11 Mother African NKONDE Who Needs A Horse? Rise Up -<br>Jimmy Jackson Young Black Woman Reading a Letter Untitled Prelude We The People