Grant funding will support an array of initiatives for ODI students

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Nearly $100,000 in grant funding will support an array of initiatives for ODI students

More opportunities for ODI students to study abroad, the launching of a new student leadership initiative, and a leadership symposium for women of color are now possible thanks to more than $80,000 in grant funding from Ohio State Energy Partners.

The study abroad grant of $50,000 will allow countless ODI students the opportunity to earn partial scholarships to defray the costs of studying abroad, according to James L. Moore III, the vice-provost for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Moore said the benefits of studying abroad run deep for most students. “I think when you go abroad it gives you the ability to see over the horizon. It gives you the ability to have a greater perspective on your own existence,” he said. “For our students, it gives them the motivation and the tools that they can do anything in life by having that experience.” ODI currently sponsors annual trips for students to France-Morocco, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Guyana, China and Panama.

Another award of $20,000 was given to the Frank W. Hale Black Cultural Center to create the Hale Ambassador Program, a new initiative aimed at developing student leaders in the Hale Center. Students will participate in seminars, workshops, and cultural enrichment trips to build their leadership style and skills with the goal of engaging them as change agents.

The final award was presented to Leadership Initiatives for Women of Color to support a leadership symposium for women of color in higher education. This symposium will offer practical leadership tools to women, provide a space to discuss gender, racial, and class identities, and frame leadership for women of color as a structural challenge that requires holistic attention.

The trio of grants poised to fund ODI programs is but a small piece of the $810,000 OSEP contributes to the university or affiliated philanthropic causes. Working with OSEP, the Energy Academic Collaboration Council (EACC) provides funding to Ohio State faculty, staff and students advancing important university priorities and promoting interdisciplinary and community collaboration.

Meanwhile, in other grant news, Honda of America has given $10,600 to the Ohio State LSAMP program to support professional development for Ohio State and Columbus State LSAMP scholars. Funding will provide professional portfolios for 120 Ohio State and Columbus State Community College LSAMP scholars as well as networking events in Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021 with Honda representatives. Two units received funds from Ohio State's Office of Academic Student Success for their early arrival programs: the combined ODI Early Arrival Program received $4,000 while the Ohio State LSAMP received nearly $5,000 in funds.