GPS Success stories

GPS Success Stories

The Graduate and Professional Student Recruitment Initiative 2018 hosted 115 students from varying colleges and universities across the U.S. including Puerto Rico. Forty-eight of those students were admitted and of those, 24 were offered fellowship funding (non-fellowship award information not available).

The Ohio State University, through its Office of Diversity and Inclusion, is pleased to welcome 33 GPS 2018 scholars to the Buckeye Family starting Fall 2019.

Kristin Chesnutt h

(Undergraduate Institution: East Carolina University)

Kristen was accepted into the College of Arts and Science's Biochemistry PhD program. She was also awarded the Graduate Enrichment Fellowship.

“Traveling to Columbus through GPS gave me the chance to learn more about the culture and opportunities offered at The Ohio State University. During my visit, I was able to connect with students with similar goals and interests as well as network with professorsand potential mentors. The people on campus were warm and friendly and made me feel at home from the very beginning.

After my GPS visit, I stayed in contact with many of the students and faculty I had met. They continued to show an interest in my education as well as me as a person. This inspired me to return to The Ohio State University.”

Patricia Marie Cordero Irizarry h

(Undergraduate Institution: University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez)

Patricia was accepted into the School of Environment and Natural Resources's Soil Science graduate program.

“Attending the 2018 GPS visit was an exhilarating experience. I had the chance to meet other undergraduate students who had the same inquiries about graduate school as I did. I was able to share my emotions and thoughts with them, as well as with graduate students, which I found to be very comforting. Interacting with professors and staff within and out of my discipline encouraged me to take control of my decisions and choose the path that would lead to my future professional development.

As a former participant of the 2018 GPS visit, I was granted an admission fee waiver which encouraged me to apply to the university, even though I was still doubting whether or not the graduate school was appropriate for me. Having already visited my building and meeting the people that worked there made me feel comfortable during the application process. I did not feel like a stranger. I felt welcomed.

A major factor that motivated me to apply and accept the offer for graduate school was the warm welcoming of the GPS crew. The organizers, professors, mentors, graduate students, and activities were perfectly assembled to make me feel that I was already a member of the buckeye community. That feeling has not worn off and continues to grow stronger. The 2018 GPS visit was the experience that I needed to prove to myself that I was prepared and ready for graduate school. I am thrilled to begin this adventure!”

Ashley Greenlee h

(Undergraduate Institution: Virginia Commonwealth University)

Ashley was accepted into the College of Medicine's Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. She was also awarded the Graduate Enrichment Fellowship.

“My GPS experience was fantastic! Through this program, I was able to learn about the graduate application process and many of the resources The Ohio State University offered minority students. Additionally, it allowed me to talk with already enrolled minority students and learn about their experiences in the program, at the University, and in the city of Columbus.

I was able to hear about the different fellowship opportunities in the Biomedical Sciences and speak directly with faculty members about their research interests. Best of all, I got a brief view of what a first-year student would experience in the program. I attended a class, took a tour of the labs in the research tower, and spoke with first year students about their experiences thus far. What stood out most to me about the University was the hospitality. From the students to the faculty to the administrators from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, I felt as though everyone was looking out for my best interest and tried to answer any questions I had.”

Courtni Montgomery h

(Undergraduate Institution: Eastern Michigan University)

Courtni was accepted into the College of Public Health's Health Behavior and Health Promotion Master of Public Health (MPH) program. She was also awarded the Graduate Enrichment Fellowship.

“Attending GPS allowed me to experience the curriculum of a masters-level Public Health course, meet my future adviser, motivated me to apply to The Ohio State University, and much more. During the visit, I realized how welcoming everyone was, and I could really feel the support of not only staff and faculty, but also the current and prospective students.

I feel that GPS helped prepare me for my application process because I was made aware of specific tips and deadlines during the application workshop, and also prepared me for my first semester at OSU during the campus tour and student roundtable discussions.

Ultimately, GPS was very beneficial to me in that enabled me to learn in-depth about my program of interest and gave me the tools to successfully apply to OSU.”