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The Ohio State University Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is one of the oldest and most prominent offices of its kind in the nation. Founded in 1970, ODI has supported the recruitment, retention and success of students, faculty and staff who enhance the diversity of The Ohio State University. ODI oversees the Hale Center, the Todd Anthony Bell National Resource Center on the African American Male, The Women's Place, the nine-city Young Scholars Program, as well as being home to a wide-range of retention, mentoring, scholarship, and access programs. The Administration/Special Programs unit in ODI hosts a myriad of services and programs that assist in enhancing the quality of tenure at multiple levels, including the Graduate and Professional Student Recruitment Initiative (GPS).

    ODI Administration/Special Programs Team

    Rose A. Wilson-Hill

    • Special Assistant to the Vice Provost

    • Director of the Administration/Special Programs Team

    Jackie L. Lipscomb

    • Assistant Director of the Administration/Special Programs Team

    • GPS Manager and Contact

    Colby A. Taylor

    • Program Manager

    • National Conference on Diversity Race & Learning (NCDRL) Manager

    Landareece A. Brown

    • Administrative Associate & Assistant to the Director

    • Fiscal Officer