GPS 2017 Success Stories

GPS 2017 Success Stories

Below are a few stories from our 2017 Cohort.

Yesenia Alvarez Padilla h

(Undergraduate Institution: University of Nevada – Reno)

Yesenia was accepted to the Master of Social Work and Master of Public Administration Programs. She was also awarded a University Fellowship and nominated for the Graduate Enrichment Fellowship.

Going to the GPS visit was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to connect with like-minded college students who had similar backgrounds and experiences. I enjoyed meeting students who were doing research in areas I had never been exposed to and were involved in their communities. It felt comforting to know there were others who were also exploring their futures and considering graduate programs. Meeting with the Social Work Department helped me identify professors I would be interested in working with and what expectations they would have of prospective students. I really got a feel for what it would be like to attend Ohio State.

Overall, the GPS visit encouraged me to apply to The Ohio State University. The warmth and consideration I received from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion helped me feel like I had a support system at The Ohio State University.

Julian Brodie h

(Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina State University)

Julian was accepted to the Materials Science and Engineering PhD program, and was offered a Graduate Research Associate position in his program.

The GPS program was a great experience! Through the program, I was able to visit one of my top choices for graduate school: Ohio State. I also had the opportunity to meet with students from across the country, converse with them about their personal experiences and research, and hear from other graduate students about their experiences at Ohio State.

The GPS program also allowed me to connect with the MSE-WE faculty. I was able to build connections and relationships with them. By meeting with faculty, I was able to communicate more about myself and my goals than I could have through any application. Within a week of attending the GPS program, I was offered admission with GRA funding.

Without the GPS program, I do not think any of this would be possible nor would I have been as comfortable with choosing to pursue my PhD at The Ohio State University. The GPS program definitely made a huge difference!

Keri Richardson h

(Undergraduate Institution: Northern Kentucky University)

Keri was accepted to the Moritz College of Law. She was also awarded the Diversity Enrichment Scholarship and the Moritz Access Grant.

Attending GPS was such an amazing experience that confirmed OSU as my number one choice for law school. Networking with current OSU grad students who looked like me and shared similar experiences gave me insight on what to expect. Although the nature of law school is competitive, Moritz was more close-knit and family oriented. Everyone from the faculty/professional staff to the students were friendly and genuine. I felt comfort in knowing that I would be in an environment designed for my success.

I am truly grateful that I attended GPS and I hope to work with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in the future to get more grad students of color attending OSU.

Joshua Simon h

(Undergraduate Institution: Southern University and A&M College)

Joshua was accepted to the School of Environment and Natural Resources He was also awarded a fellowship from the Graduate School.

Attending the GPS program at Ohio State allowed me to connect with my prospective program director, academic program coordinator, and professors. All are important people to meet and who have a strong influence on accepting graduate students.

GPS had a great impact on my graduate application by attending one of the sessions about improving the personal statement; something that I really needed work on.

Knowing how much OSU valued its Office of Diversity and Inclusion made me feel like having a diverse student body was a priority to the university, just as it is to me. The panel discussion led by the Black Graduate Students Association allowed to hear the experiences from students who are like me in many ways. Hearing how they described the importance the Office of Diversity and Inclusion was to them made me feel like that would definitely be a place where I would spend a great deal of time when I'm not in class.

Not only did I get accepted into my program of interest, but also received a fellowship from the Graduate School which was a huge deciding factor for my graduate studies.

Overall, the GPS experience gave me a clearer idea on what I'm interested in studying and where I'm interested in studying for a masters degree. And I encourage all students who meet the requirements to apply. It will really change your life.

Basia Zuniga h

(Undergraduate Institution: University of California – Merced)

Basia is a two-time GPS participant who attended GPS in 2016 and 2017. She was accepted to the Ph.D. program for Biomedical Engineering and was awarded a Graduate Enrichment Fellowship. She was also awarded the Discovery Scholars Fellowship and was named a GEM Consortium Associate Fellow.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is one of many departments at Ohio State that is dedicated to seeing its students thrive. As a two-time Ohio State SROP participant, I believed there wasn't much else to learn until I stumbled upon the GPS Recruitment Initiative.

What I loved most about my GPS experiences is that they were tailored to explore my specific research interests. This allowed me to continue learning about possible research opportunities and gave me the chance to forge new relationships with professors and prospective graduate students in and out of my department. The GPS program also offered a lot of helpful information on personal statement writing and graduate student panels that gave greater insight into life at Ohio State.

Attending GPS in 2017 expanded the relationships with professors I had met previously and ultimately solidified my decision to attend The Ohio State University for my graduate care