Paloma Arroyo

Paloma ArroyoAdvocating for the importance of diversity is something that Paloma Arroyo has always been passionate about; she has participated in Latino Role Models Day and in the Gates Millennium-HSF Bridge Builders Forum, where she assisted faculty with informing Latino parents and their children about the college. Paloma recalls, “As a Diversity Ambassador for Undergraduate Admissions, I am used to talking to parents and their kids about college, but there is something exponentially different when you have a crowd of Spanish-speaking mothers around you asking questions. It was great to see so many Latino parents eager and willing to learn about the collegiate experience.”

With the goal of making Ohio State even more inclusive, Paloma has been involved in the Latino Student Association (LSA) Executive Board for the past three years and has served as its president for the last two. The organization is one where she feels at home: “LSA has impacted my undergraduate career in more ways than one, but it has most importantly provided a sense of familia.” In 2013 and 2014, Paloma also had the opportunity to attend the United States Hispanic Leadership Conference, a three-day conference in Chicago promoting education, unity, and leadership. She is also a member of Ohio State’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Undergraduate Student Government, which works to promote equality and acceptance at the university by supporting cultural and religious student organizations, programs and events.

A political science major – with minors in Spanish, Latino Studies, and Legal Foundations of Society – Paloma chose to enter that field because she always has been intrigued by the political process, particularly in regards to Latino voters and other groups that are often marginalized. As an intern for the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, Ontario, Paloma was able to meet influential people including U.S. diplomats, ambassadors, Parliament staffers, and Canadian politicians. “My favorite time of the work day was attending ‘Question Period,’ where a variety of questions are posed to either a minister of a particular committee or the Prime Minister with the purpose of seeking information from the Government. Needless to say, it can get a bit hectic, but I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much,” she said. While in Canada, Paloma had the chance to travel to Quebec City, Montreal, and Toronto and was able to shadow her Member of Parliament while working on a provincial campaign in York-South Weston.

After graduating from Ohio State, Paloma’s short-term goal is to gain a variety of professional experiences through fellowships, employment, and graduate studies. For the long-term, she hopes to move to Washington, DC and work as a political strategist/consultant. But Paloma isn’t ruling out the possibility of a career in higher education: “There just so much that I find interesting!”