Kyla Wilson

Kyla Wilson speaking to studentsKyla Wilson has put a lot of thought into her career path. “I always wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer, but I hate science so that didn’t work. As for the law, I like reading, but law just bored me!”

Enter her Uncle Jesse, who provided Kyla with some inspiration.

Her uncle would tell Kyla, who was good at math, that since she was in the fourth grade, she should know her multiplication tables. “He made me work in a composition book every day over the summer.” By the end of the summer, Kyla was hooked, and she knew that arithmetic was going to play a part in her future.

Having decided that math was the subject she wanted to study, Kyla needed to narrow down what, exactly, she wanted to do with her math skills. As a senior at the Dayton Early College Academy (DECA), in Dayton, Ohio, Kyla was able to do an internship with an accounting firm. “I was intrigued by accounting, but I didn’t really understand it. There were a lot of acronyms, and I didn’t know what they were talking about!”

Once she started classes at The Ohio State University, Kyla learned more about accounting and found it to be one of the most challenging things she’s encountered in college. “I actually saw growth in myself though my major, which I like. It wasn’t something that came easily to me. And I’ve also grown as a person because of it.” Now she is majoring in accounting with a minor in information retail studies.

That Kyla is at Ohio State, studying a major that she loves, hadn’t seemed possible a few years ago. “I never really thought about going to college because we didn’t have the means unless I had some type of merit scholarship.” But in her freshman year at DECA, Kyla was recommended and accepted into the Young Scholars Program. While in the Young Scholars Program, Kyla prepared for the Ohio Graduation Test and the ACT exam. She also came to campus during Summer Academy and the Summer Bridge Experience. “It got me into the mind frame that this was what college could be like. You go back to high school and think, ‘This is going to be my life in a couple of years.’”

Kyla is giving back to YSP and to the Scholars following behind her; she is a YSP Ambassador, a Peer Leader and an Academic Success Partner, assisting other Young Scholars in their transition from high school to college and helping them to overcome hurdles similar to ones she faced.

This past summer – her last before graduating from Ohio State – Kyla interned with L-Brands during an internal audit. That internship led to a job offer. In August, degree in hand, Kyla will start working at L-Brands in the Internal Audit department. She then plans to sit for the CPA exam within the next two years, a test that consists of four sections that Kyla says will each take two to three months of studying.

Kyla is grateful for all that YSP has done for her, and the people that she has encountered are ones that she will never lose touch with: “They are like family.” What YSP has done most for Kyla, she says, was to give her a chance not to become “a statistic.” She continues, “Being here [at Ohio State] is beating the odds. Being able to be that one out of the majority and meeting the standards that you’ve set up for yourself. And knowing that others have pre-conceived standards and being able to stand up to those as well.”