Demetrice Allen

Demitrice Allen with friends at an Ohio State football game

“Throughout all of my schooling, I have been blessed with many supporters who believed in me.”  ~Demetrice Allen

Demetrice Allen excelled in high school as a gifted debater, but coming from a single parent home and attending a Wisconsin high school that was in the bottom tier posed some challenges. “I didn’t have exposure to many different careers, so my background was so crucial to me being where I am today.” Demetrice’s journey to where he is today was one of new interests.

As graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Demetrice did not know much about The Ohio State University’s law school. Furthermore, he did not know much about the university as a whole, especially the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI). That all changed after meeting one person. The Council on Legal Education in Achieving Success in the Application Process (CLEO ASAP) held an event in Atlanta, Georgia. There, Demetrice met Ms. Jimmi Nicholson, Assistant Director of Admissions at CLEO ASAP. “Jimmi told me more about the Moritz College of Law, and we fostered a relationship. Through that relationship, she came and visited UW-Whitewater and presented a program publicizing the Moritz College of Law. While there, she told me about ODI’S Graduate/Professional Student Recruitment Initiative,” recalls Demetrice.

After making the seven hour drive to Columbus, Demetrice looked into Ohio State and the Moritz College of Law more closely. He was intrigued with the GPS program, which solidified his decision to attend Moritz. The atmosphere fostered positivity to Demetrice. “The main benefit of GPS was meeting students and actually seeing the school. I found it difficult to compare the experience to any other I had visiting any other school.”

Once Demetrice entered and became familiar with Ohio State’s law program, he became involved in Ohio State’s Black Law Students Association by becoming President. “This position led me to numerous invites and interaction with many different people on and off campus. I am a believer of giving back and promoting activities that have helped me in my journey,” says Demetrice. He is also involved with the Black Graduate and Professional Student Caucus. Through these programs, Demetrice has been able to meet great friends and become a contact person for perspective students who needed guidance and advice about the law field.

Since Demetrice’s networking abilities gave him the opportunity to attend the Moritz College of Law, he stresses that networking is everything, especially in the legal profession. “So many jobs are based not only on credentials, but who you know,” he said. He also credits the advice that he received from faculty and staff is priceless and he knows that it molded him into a better man.

This future attorney graduated in May 2015 and will spend two months studying for the Ohio Bar Exam. He will then join the Ice Miller LLP, Columbus branch, as an Associate in the Labor and Employment practice group.


Written by ODI Advancement Intern, Whitley N. Hawkins