Education Abroad Hong KOng

Internship: Hong Kong

This summer, I had the chance to take part in a once in a life time opportunity by doing a two-month internship abroad. I interned with a multinational company called Techtronic Industries, or TTI, in their headquarter office in Hong Kong. My time with TTI was spent in their supply chain department where I was a global sourcing intern and worked on various projects dealing with inventory management, consolidation and optimization. Living in Hong Kong, you could never have a dull night, and everything there was done with purpose. Being in this kind of atmosphere made me discover that this is the type of environment I want to work and live in one day. Through working with TTI, I also discovered that a job in operations is ultimately where I want to end up career-wise. At first, operations management seemed like a dull field; but, after getting an opportunity to go to China to explore TTI's manufacturing plant, I uncovered the vast opportunities that a job in operations could hold. I saw first-hand the shift from human labor production to automation in TTI's production line, changing my perspective on what it means to be “efficient.” I know that I one day want to be able to contribute to a company's success and maximize their meaning of efficient.

Beyond just working in Hong Kong and experiencing the fast pace city life, I got to also immerse myself into Hong Kong's local and urban life style. For as big of a city as Hong Kong is, it's incredible how quickly you can find a change of scenery. I could be looking at the beautiful Hong Kong skyline at the harbor in one moment and then hop on a ferry and be transported to the top of a mountain overlooking the ocean the next. Experiencing these different landscapes has made me realize the beauty of nature and how important it is to go out of your comfort zone to have those “first time” eye opening experiences.

Being global now to me doesn't just mean traveling and seeing places and taking tourist pictures anymore. Instead, being global to me means that you allow yourself to be immersed in the culture and try your best to interact with as many individuals as you can to open yourself up to more worldly views. After two months in Hong Kong, I can truly say I understand the meaning of what it means to be a global citizen. I am beyond grateful for Hong Kong for making me uncover a new career passion, for the internship experience that I had that will act as a catalyst to new internship opportunities at home, but most importantly, for making me have a greater appreciation for life, culture and new friendships. Because of these reasons, I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning what it means to be truly global to go abroad in college.

Written by undergraduate student My Trinh