Education Abroad Costa Rica

Education Abroad: Costa Rica

Edith Fuentes taking a selfie

When arriving on my first day in the bustling city of San Jose, Costa Rica, I was automatically welcomed by the sweet smells of their cuisine along with the friendly faces of the local vendors, students, and children. As a Latina, there is nothing more that I appreciate than the feeling of being included, a sense of a community – a home away from home. Costa Rica is a country that offers many opportunities, experiences, and lessons for its visitors. Learning to accommodate to their cultural customs and traditions, one is able to really appreciate the unique identity that it brings into the melting pot of what is Latin America.

My first adventure was having the ability to explore the natures of the world, starting with Puerto Viejo. Although I was fooled by the name of the town, this small community residing beside some of the most beautiful beaches in the world was incredibly vibrant, populated by youthful customs and intellect. Costa Rica has the privilege of having some of the most unique species in the world. Being able to visit Manuel Antonio, a national park that is home to various species such as spider monkeys, sloths, and the infamous poisonous dart frog was an unforgettable experience. Incredibly captivated by the natural phenomenon, Costa Rica allowed me to experience more than just the extraordinary wildlife but the breathtaking scenery as well.

If you ever get the experience to study abroad, realize the privilege that you have to embark such a journey. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn, prosper, and find a little bit of yourself in your expeditions as a student who represents The Ohio State University.

Written by undergraduate student Edith Fuentes