BNRC Middle School Mentoring

Middle School Mentoring

BNRC middle school kids on steps of Hale Hall

The Middle School Mentoring Program is one of the signature outreach programs of The Todd Anthony Bell National Resource Center on the African American Male. The program is unique from other mentoring programs because it utilizes a group mentoring model. Undergraduate members of the BNRC serve as mentors to 7th grade African American males at Columbus City Preparatory School for Boys. Currently, mentors meet with the students every Friday in school during lunch. The activities range from workshops and focus groups to social and cultural field trips. The workshops focus on five main areas

  1. Positive Self Identity and Self Esteem
  2. Personal Vision and Goals
  3. Social and Emotional Skills
  4. Moral Character
  5. Academic Success and Work Ethic

This program encourages academic excellence, social and behavioral development, and a positive self esteem through consistent interaction with mentors. By cultivating relationships within local Columbus Public Schools, the BNRC hopes to address the needs of black males early in their educational paths.

Please contact the Bell National Resource Center at 614-247-4765 for any questions.