Letter from Aaron Hatchett


Fellow Students,

My name is Aaron Hatchett, and I am a fourth year student majoring in Psychology and Comparative Cultural Studies with a minor in Social Inequality and Sociology.  In 2006, I was fortunate to attend the Early Arrival Program, and subsequently experience one of the most influential experiences in my entire college journey. Like many of my peers, I came to the University with a general sense of excitement, but I was also anxious and uncertain about my classes, financial resources, where resources/help was located, and I had numerous other questions. I did not have the benefit of familial support, and I only knew one person at The Ohio State University.

On the first day of the program, I learned from current students' mistakes and successes. After the program was over, instead of being somewhat apprehensive about college life, I felt that I acquired the tools, drive, resources, and support to immediately pursue and actively engage in achieving academic excellence and my future goals before the first day of school started. I also learned how to be a better leader and make a tangible positive impact on the OSU student community. The program either answered all my questions and concerns, or connected me with those that could answer my questions. Instead of having to focus on learning through trial and error, I spent my first weeks and my first year comfortably and successfully engaging with OSU's academic and social environment.

After four years, the friends that I made in the Early Arrival Program are some of my closest friends now. During the program, we all formed a brotherhood in which we have kept one another accountable and supported/helped one another through the successful and hard times. We now look forward to our relationships as we all are about to step into our professional careers and goals. After the Early Arrival Program was over we were permanently connected to the Todd A. Bell Resource Center and all of its beneficial programs, networks, student groups, and leadership workshops. The BRC has become a pillar of integrity and strength for me to turn to through some of the difficulties both academically and in my life. For me, the Early Arrival Program made a major difference on how I approached my college journey. Overall, it helped me secure a productive and enjoyable future.


Aaron Hatchett