Recognition Ceremony

BNRC recognition Ceremony participants

BNRC Recognition Ceremony 

Please contact Dan Thomas at for additional information on the Recognition Ceremony.

The Recognition Ceremony acknowledges African American males who have persisted and experienced academic success. In addition, students, faculty/staff, and community professionals are commended for their leadership and service to the African American male population at The Ohio State University and in the community.

High ranking academic officials within the Office of Diversity and Inclusion preside over the event and distribute awards and certificates for academic excellence, service, and leadership. 

Total number of African American males with a 3.0 cumulative grade point average:

2005: 138

2006: 161


2008: 265

2009: 331

2010: 363

2011: 375

2012: 376

2013: 365


2015: 385

2016: 400

Gene and Sheila Smith Excalibur Prize

The Gene and Sheila Smith Excalibur Prize is named in honor of Gene and Sheila Smith for the exceptional and many contributions they have made to the Todd Anthony Bell National Resource Center on the African American Male.  This award is presented to a student who exhibits exemplary scholastic achievement, outstanding character and leadership and service to The Ohio State University community.

Michael Golden - 2016

L'Nard Tufts - 2015

Wynton Jordan - 2014

Joseph Amos - 2013

Aaron Hatchett - 2012

Sean Plaskett - 2011

Justin McGee, Inaugural Recipient - 2010

Please contact Dan Thomas at for additional information on the Recognition Ceremony.