BNRC's Dr. Moore slated for
working group on gifted programs

balck girl looking through glasses with equations on them

Dr. James L. Moore, III, Executive Director of the Todd Anthony Bell National Resource Center on the African American Male and Education and Human Ecology Distinguished Professor of Urban Education, has been selected to serve in a working group, Untapped Potential, in Illinois within One Chance Illinois.

The working group was created in response to national studies demonstrating the under-enrollment of low-income and minority students in gifted programs. One Chance Illinois researched the state's largest school districts to determine if the same issue was occurring in Illinois and determined that minority and low-income students were not being given equal opportunity to enroll in the state’s gifted programs.

Their findings included:

  • Black students were under-represented by 31%.

  • Low-income students were under-represented by 42%.

  • Hispanic students were under-represented by 52%.

In response, the working group, comprised of national, state, and local experts, has been tasked with developing legislation that will reform Illinois' gifted identification process. Such legislation will enable all children to have equal access to environments that will allow them to reach their full potential.