The Ruth C. Bailey Award for Multicultural Engagement


When VincenzoRuth Bailey Ferranti, a naturalized American citizen born in Italy, attended Ohio State on the GI Bill, Ruth Bailey, the director of Ohio State’s International Student Services from 1937 to 1974, was there to offer him support. Mr. Ferranti went on to receive two degrees from Ohio State, a BA in 1970 and an MBA in 1972. In 2012, Mr. Ferranti sought to honor his mentor by establishing the Ruth C. Bailey Endowed Award Fund for Naturalized American Students. The fund will be used foremost to further the mission of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion by providing up to three student scholarships as well as handing out an award that recognizes a faculty, staff member, or volunteer at Ohio State who has demonstrated a significant contribution toward multicultural interaction and understanding.

“Miss Bailey strongly believed that hate and distrust among individuals resulted mostly from ignorance of each other, so she spent much of her work and leisure time encouraging interaction among individuals from different cultures, nationalities, and races,” Ferranti said. He also noted that foreign-born students have a more difficult time because of cultural and language obstacles they have to overcome. “Those students have chosen to become Americans and have made a commitment to the United States to support the American spirit,” he added. “They are grateful for the opportunity they have been given and will work to make this a better country.”