Day of Giving

 OSU Day of Giving 2019

Paying forward is just part of the DNA of being a Buckeye. Graduates of The Ohio State University generously give their time, treasure and talent to those who are following in their footsteps. Now’s your chance to give directly to help Office of Diversity and Inclusion Scholars.

Education abroad

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Education abroad can be a life-altering experience, but too many students never take the leap for financial reasons. Only about eight percent of study abroad students come from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion because often they simply can’t afford it. Gifts of any size can help cover passport fees, luggage and travel expenses. Please consider giving a gift that enables a young student to go on the trip of a lifetime.

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Academic assistance

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While many of Ohio State’s underrepresented students are thriving academically, there’s far too many that never make it to college or aren’t able to complete their degree. Your gift could make the college dream possible for the next generation of ODI Scholars. Please consider an impactful gift that extends a hand to underrepresented students.

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Emergency fund

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College life can be full of unexpected and costly twists and turns. Whether it’s a bus ticket home, a lab fee or a costly textbook, financial emergencies can derail a student’s dream. Your gift will show that Buckeyes help each other through tough times. Please consider an impactful gift to an underrepresented student in a time of great need.

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