2019 SPSS


2019 National Student Parent
Support Symposium 

"Understanding the New College Majority" 

 May 29th – May 31st, 2019

The Ohio State University
The Blackwell Inn & Pfahl Conference Center
Columbus, OH
Registration is Now Closed



The National Student Parent Support Symposium promotes the advancement of support services in higher education for single parents, low-income parents, and families.

Conference Areas of Emphasis

  • College Program Models for Student Parents

  • Issues Affecting the Academic Success of Student Parents

  • Realistic Needs for Student Parent Academic Success

  • Helping Student Parents Balance Family/School/Work

  • Housing Needs for Student Parents

  • Developing Community Support

  • Collaboration with Community Resources

  • Means to solicit funds or resources from national, state or private foundations

Who Attends

Higher Education/Academic Leaders

  • Directors of Housing

  • Coordinators/Directors of Student-Parent Organizations and Programs

  • Student Affairs Officers

  • Multicultural Affairs Officers

  • Support Services Directors

  • Academic Researchers

  • Education Association Representatives

  • High School Educators

  • Other Higher Education Representatives

Government Leaders

  • Representatives of Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies

Community Leaders

  • Advocates for Women’s Rights

  • Program Representatives for Low Income Families

Social Science Leaders

  • Social Workers

  • Nurses

  • Counselors