Diversity Officers

In keeping with The Ohio State University’s mission to diversify its faculty, staff and student populations and create an inclusive campus climate, the Diversity Officers Working Group was established to:

image of oval and buckeye tree leaves

  • Create a cross-campus dialogue where diversity representatives from academic and support units can share the rewards and challenges of individual and collaborative diversity work. 

  • Act in an advisory role to the Senate Diversity Committee charged with overseeing the diversity reporting process.

  • Serve as a primary resource for information about diversity strategies, best practices and initiatives at Ohio State and in the surrounding communities.

  • Produce an annual report on the status of diversity efforts at The Ohio State University.

In keeping with this mission, this webpage is designed to be a resource for diversity representatives seeking gather diversity-related research and tools.


Please contact Dr. Tayo Clyburn (clyburn.7@osu.edu) with any content-related related questions or contributions.