For ODI Staff

Staff Policies

standard operating procedures

The following policies and procedures provide the operating principles for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Outreach and Engagement. Each policy has a "Resources" section that provides contact information; related policies, forms, and publications; and other relevant information. Contact the staff member listed on each policy with questions about policy content or how a policy applies to your specific subunit.


POLICY 114.11

Expenditures: Meals, Employee Recognition/Functions, Memberships, and Telephones

POLICY 112.23

Procurement Card (PCard) Use

POLICY 112.11


POLICY 115.12 

Deposits: Cash and Checks

Human Resources

POLICY 15.01

Staff Professional Development

POLICY 16.12

Health And Wellness Activity Flextime


POLICY 111.01             Lost and Found
POLICY 111.02    
Building Access Regular Hours – Opening And Closing
POLICY 111.03 Mail And Packages
POLICY 111.05 Emergency Evacuation: BEAP
POLICY 111.07

Hale Hall Conference Room Reservations:
Room 11, 15C, and 201

POLICY 111.10 Hale Hall Exercise Equipment Use and Reservations
POLICY 111.11 Floor Operations and Protocol:
First, Second, and Third Floors
POLICY 111.12 Floor Operations and Protocol: Ground Floor
POLICY 111.13 Hale Hall Central Supply Yolanda Slade


POLICY 113.01            Technology Purchases and Use 


POLICY 114.20           ODI and O&E Advancement Policy