Diversity in STEMM at Ohio State

Black woman holds test tube

Ohio State personnel committed to diversifying the STEMM talent pool first convened in February 2017. Our goals were to exchange information about efforts currently in place on campus, to brainstorm how we can interact more effectively, and to network across campus communities.

February Diversity In STEMM Meeting Agenda and Resources

Our ultimate goal is to make our programs more diverse at all levels. To facilitate ongoing learning and collaboration, this site features a collection of campus programs dedicated to STEMM diversity. 

We also include promising models and existing opportunities that have not been implemented at Ohio State, and we encourage discussion around these topics.

If you are aware of a program or resource that should be included here or if you wish to be added to a mailing list for future gatherings, please contact Dr. Marcela Hernandez, Hernandez.16@osu.edu.