About the National Conference
on Diversity, Race & Learning

The Annual National Conference on Diversity, Race & Learning (NCDRL) at The Ohio State University is one of the university's most comprehensive conferences that focus on issues of diversity, cultural inclusion and acceptance. In accordance with the university's philosophy and mission of Ohio State's Office of Diversity and Inclusion along with numerous Big 10 diversity initiatives, we host this conference to strengthen and make new strides toward the goal of meaningful change. The conference offers a multi-leveled examination of diversity as a concept and its implementation within institutions of higher education, the corporate world, the religious community, the larger community, including public service. The themes examine, through participant discourse, ways to effectively bridge the economic, political and socio-educational divides that continue to be pertinent in the American social landscape. 

The NCDRL is scheduled for the first Monday & Tuesday of May each year.  Each day features a nationally recognizable speaker/trainer.