National Conference on Diversity, Race & Learning

2018 Diversity conference with Candi Castleberry Singleton

The NCDRL Pre-Conference Diversity Training Sessions on Monday, May 7, were led by some of the top experts, educators, trainers, and leaders in their respective fields who have focused their research and professional careers on the understanding and development of best practices in the realms of diversity, equity and inclusion. The training will feature a nationally recognized and respected motivational speaker to round out the sessions. Each registrant for the training will receive a certificate denoting their participation in and successful completion of Diversity Training for the day.

New this conference, directly following Monday's training sessions, those who registered had the option to take part in a Special Dinner with a distinguished keynote speaker. This provided attendees with the opportunity to continue discussions from their preceding sessions and network with their peers from across the region and nation.

Candi Castleberry SingletonVice President of Intersectionality, Culture & Diversity (ICD) for the tech and social media giant Twitter, was the keynote speaker during the main session on Tuesday, May 8. Ms. Castleberry Singleton has long been an agent for change, a visionary and a proven leader as she now spearheads the new #GrowTogether strategies both internally and on the massive platform used across the globe. She is also the founder of the award winning Dignity & Respect Campaign, which is dedicated to helping organizations create and refine environments and institutional cultures to become more inclusive, august, and respectful, valuing other/different perspectives, lifestyles and cultures.

The next National Conference on Diversity, Race & Learning will take place on May 6-7, 2019.