attendees at the National Congerence on Diversity, Race, and Learning

ODI sponsors many conferences that provide engaged dialogue and training through speakers, presentations, and workshops.

National Conference on Diversity, Race & Learning
The Annual National Conference on Diversity, Race & Learning focuses on issues of diversity, cultural inclusion and acceptance, making strides toward the goal of meaningful change. The conference offers a multi-leveled examination of diversity and its implementation within institutions of higher education, the corporate world, and the larger community. 

Multiple Perspectives on Access, Inclusion, and Disability Conference
This annual conference serves as a catalyst for positive change and a springboard for collaborations with partners in education, business, public and social service. Workshops provide a forum for individuals and organizations to expand their knowledge and perspectives as well as an opportunity to increase community resources through the synergy of collaboration.

Post-Baccalaureate Preparation Conference
The conference promotes excellence in preparation for post-baccalaureate career options that require additional education in graduate or professional school. This conference helps under-represented students served by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion understand the graduate and professional school application process. It also helps students gather information and data to assemble information for admissions consideration across disciplines.

Student Parent Support Symposium
This nationally-acclaimed symposium brings together professionals from across the United States and Canada to discuss best practices, challenges, program models, and collaboration with community resources when working with single parents, low-income parents, and their families and promoting support services in higher education for these unique populations.