2022 Ruth Bailey award winners announced

Ruth C. Bailey Award for Multicultural Engagement

The Ruth C. Bailey Award was established by Mr. Vincenzo Ferranti (BA '70, MBA ‘72), in The Ohio State University Office of Diversity and Inclusion in memory of his advisor and mentor, the late Ruth C. Bailey, Ohio State staff member and director of International Student Services from 1937 – 1974. This award memorializes and celebrates Miss Bailey's caring tradition by recognizing faculty, staff or volunteers who in the previous year have demonstrated a significant contribution toward campus multicultural interaction and understanding.

Here are the 2022 Ruth Bailey award winners.

Darryl B. Hood, PhD

Darryl B. Hood, PhD, is a professor and environmental neuroscientist in the Division of Environmental Health Sciences in the College of Public Health at The Ohio State University. He is the co-architect of the Public Health Exposome framework focused on determining if there are associations between the built, natural, physical and social environment and the disparate health outcomes in vulnerable populations. The framework is extremely relevant to the disparities that are being documented during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking forward, Dr. Hood expects to continue to build on his previous success to enhance environmental public health research in the high risk, vulnerable, and underrepresented minority communities of Columbus, Ohio.

Barbara Jones Warren, PhD

Barbara Jones Warren, PhD, is a professor of clinical nursing and director of the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Specialty Track in the College of Nursing and affiliate faculty at the Kirwan Institute of Race & Ethnicity.

During the past 26 years, she developed scholarship/research in areas of mental health, wellness and illness using biobehavioral frameworks interrelated with resilience, stress, and health inequities. Focus on these perspectives was in the context of culture, inclusion and healthcare disparities in relation to individuals, communities and populations. Dr. Warren has published theoretical and research articles and books in the area of cultural sensitivity/humility and its effects within educational and healthcare settings.