2020 ODI Graduate Reflections

2020 ODI Graduates Reflect on Their Time at Ohio State

Despite a final semester that wasn't what anyone expected, our graduates' determination and hard work earned them degrees from The Ohio State University. To commemorate this momentous achievement, we asked our Spring 2020 graduating ODI Scholars to reminisce about their experiences at The Ohio State University over the past four years; here are a few of their heartfelt responses.

Raquel A. Hawkins h

Morrill Scholarship Program | BS in Biological Engineering

What was your favorite place on campus to eat?

Newer students may not know this place, but my favorite place to eat was Mirror Lake Creamery! This is not to be mistaken with the current Mirror Lake Eatery, which while it has tasty chicken, does not compare to the past creamery. My favorite food there hands down was the chili cheeseburger, a delicious patty, chili and cheese, and topped with fries in the burger. It was truly amazing. I lived in Morrill Tower my first year and after eating at the dining hall so many times, my friends and I needed change. There weren't many places close to eat by Morrill but the Creamery was a great place to walk over to for dinner with friends. It had a cute ice cream statue right in front that I'll never forget. The music was great, and it was always full of people hanging out and studying. That was my favorite place to eat with some of the best memories.

Benjamin Redemann h

Morrill Scholarship Program | BS in Chemistry

What do you think you'll miss the most about Ohio State or ODI?

For me, I am going to miss the people at OSU the most. Whether it was the staff in ODI or my professors in chemistry, every single one of them wanted me to succeed. That's what makes OSU incredible; the amount that people care and want you to succeed is second to none. I've only met with a handful of people in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and every single one of them were a joy to talk to and they made sure you were doing well at school. Their care is evident in everything they do, and they want you to excel. All in all, be sure to recognize members of the ODI staff and your professors because they care about you, they see you as more than just another student. Go Bucks!!

Elaine Maria Louden h

Morrill Scholarship Program | BS in Public Health

What piece of advice would you give new students coming to Ohio State?

Don't be afraid to thrive in adversity and don't get discouraged if it takes time for you to find your niche on this big campus. The amount of resources available to us as students are seemingly endless, so don't shy away from trying out new clubs, classes, and research opportunities that interest you. In the end, you will thank yourself for taking time to explore your passions.