2020 ACCESS Symposium Registration Information

Registration Information

Registration Fees

General Symposium (May 28- 29)

  • Early Bird Rate (Deadline: January 31, 2020)- $225
  • General Rate (February 1-May 10, 2020) - $275
  • Student Rate (Deadline: May 10, 2020) - $100

Full Symposium (May 27-29, Pre-Symposium + General Symposium)

  • Early Bird Rate (Deadline: January 31, 2020)- $300
  • General Rate (February 1-May 10, 2020) - $350
  • Student Rate (Deadline: May 10, 2020) - $175

Workshop Presenters - $125

Pre-Symposium - $85

  • Only for those who are attending only the Intensive sessions on May 27, 2020

**For each credit card transaction, there is a non-refundable $15 convenience fee.**

    Registration Tips

    Basic information will be required (Pronouns, Honorific, Name, Organization, Institution, Physical Address [work or personal], Contact Phone Number, Email Address) for each registrant.

    If the registrant is planning to receive CEU's from this event, there is space for their License Number.

    A Regstration Type must be selected first, to display items available (General Symposium or Pre-Symposium ONLY options). You will only be able to select one. If you wish to attend the Pre-Symposium (May 27) and the General Symposium (May 28-29), Select the General Symposium, you will add the Pre-Symposium on the following page.

    Registrations types include:

    • Dean/Provost/President

    • Administration

    • Faculty/Staff

    • Researcher/Policy Analyst

    • Student - Note: SP 2020 Full-time Credit-Hour Students only, will need to upload current schedule during registration.

    • Workshop Presenter - Note: Approved Workshop Presentations will qualify for a discounted General session rate, up to two people per proposal.

    Additional Sessions

    • This is where you will Select the Pre-Symposium Session for Pre-Symposium Only and if you would like to add it to the General Symposium item.

    • If you have more than 1 registrant, use the “Add Additional Registrant” Button at the bottom; there is a limit of 10 group members per registration.

    • Once all registrants are added, the Payment page will provide you an additional chance to verify each admission item and session. Early Bird Discounts will apply until 3/16/2020. Student discounts will apply automatically.

    Payment Options include:

    • Credit Card (A Convenience fee will be assessed at 3.95% of Subtotal)

    • Check

    • Purchase Order

    • OSU E-Request

    Once complete, click Submit and a confirmation page will be available for print (Recommended). An Email invoice will also be sent to the Initial Registrants provided email address.