Summer Bridge Experience

YSP summer bridge in white t-shirts

The Young Scholars Program (YSP) provides comprehensive collegiate support services for students funded by the Young Scholars scholarship. Our collegiate services are designed to assist Young Scholars reach their full potential and achieve their academic and career goals through personal, professional, and leadership development. The program includes a three-week Summer Bridge Program, holistic success coaching, peer mentoring, study skills enrichment, scholarship services and post-baccalaureate preparation.

Summer Bridge Experience

Participation in the Young Scholars collegiate services begins with a mandatory intensive three-week pre-collegiate summer experience. The objective of the three-week pre-collegiate program is to provide the program participants with the following:

  • Simulated collegiate experience complete with faculty and staff interaction, course rigor, and study skills management

  • Community development, Peer Leader mentoring, and leadership support

  • Introduction to campus resources and student organizations to support student involvement

Summer Bridge Components

College Success Seminars

  • Career Exploration & Development

  • Financial Aid Awareness and Literacy

  • Student Wellness

  • Study Skills Development

Summer Enrichment Courses

  • English

  • Mathematics Tutoring

  • Math Success Skills

  • Economics

  • Psychology

  • Physics

  • Statistics

Recreational Sports