Morrill Scholars Program

MSP Announcement Time-Line

December 12, 2014
Offer letters released

December 23, 2014
Offer letters released

January 9, 2015
Offer letters released

January 23, 2015
Offer letters released

February 6, 2015
Offer letters released

February 20, 2015
Offer letters released

March 28, 2015
Formal Award letters mailed to MSP recipients

About MSP

The Ohio State University is strongly committed to creating a diverse campus that is inclusive of all community members. The Morrill Scholars Program (MSP) offers scholarships and educational enrichment opportunities to academically exceptional students who are actively engaged in diversity-based leadership and service.

Benefits of the program

The MSP is offered at three levels, renewable for eight semesters:

Distinction: For both Ohio residents and nonresidents, equals the value of the cost of attendance

Prominence: For nonresidents, equals the value of in-state tuition plus the nonresident surcharge

Excellence: For Ohio residents, equals the value of in-state tuition

In additional to financial awards, MSP recipients become part of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) Scholars Program.

This program offers enrichment opportunities such as:

  • Early arrival program for Distinction recipients
  • Optional housing within the ODI Scholars Learning Community
  • Service trips and study abroad opportunities (last year’s ODI scholars went to Brazil)
  • Diversity-themed workshops, lectures and projects
  • Mentoring and tutoring to support your academic success
  • Opportunities to take part in ODI outreach and engagement projects on campus and in the community
  • ODI leadership and service courses for credit
  • Graduate and professional school preparation

Honors & Scholars

Almost 40 percent of MSP recipients take part in Ohio State’s Honors and Scholars Programs. Learn more about Honors and the 17 theme-based Scholars programs at

Study Abroad Policy

So, you’re thinking about traveling abroad? If you want to use your Morrill scholarship to help with the costs, here are some tips to consider as you search for the trip that is right for you:

Choose a trip that is sponsored by the university. Your scholarship is not available for third-party trips. Please work with the Office of International Affairs (OIA) to understand what trips are available. Keep in mind that program costs will vary based on location and length of trip. 

Enroll full-time (12-18 credit hours) for the semester that you are traveling abroad. Your Morrill scholarship will cover up to the standard cost of attendance, depending on its value, but will not cover a budget increase beyond the standard cost of attendance. Discuss the academic benefits of the trip with your College Advisor. The course credit you receive for the trip may meet general education (GE) or major/minor requirements. 

Seek additional sources of funding early. Scholars generally need to rely on alternate sources of funding to meet the costs associated with a Study Abroad trip. If you have other financial aid in addition to your Morrill scholarship listed on your Award Summary in BuckeyeLink (other scholarships, grants, or loans), it can be applied to the charges on your Statement of Account for the trip. Additional scholarships may be available through OIA (, as well as through our office ( and your college office. Pay close attention to all deadlines and check thosewebsites regularly for updates.

Morrill Scholars Program Updates

For: high school seniors
(Current Ohio State MSP students contact Stephanie Clemons Thompson)

Essay Review Process

  • The Morrill Scholars Program (MSP) scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to students admitted to the Columbus campus for the autumn semester 2015.
  • If you checked “YES” indicating your interest for the Morrill Scholars Program and you provided an essay response to the question, your Common Application is forwarded to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion after the admissions decision is complete.
  • Essays are evaluated and recommended for awarding by a committee of staff and faculty.
  • Scholarship offers will be sent to students by email. The details of the award will be included in the email.  
  • Offers will be released in batches until the first of March. 
  • A formal letter of the offer will be sent mid-March via the U.S. Postal Service, for your records.

Your scholarship is considered accepted once your Undergraduate Acceptance Fee is received.  Instructions to accept the scholarship are: To accept the Prominence Scholarship, please submit your Ohio State acceptance fee to Undergraduate Admissions by Thursday, May 1, 2015. If you have questions about submitting your acceptance fee, contact Undergraduate Admissions via telephone (614-292-3980) and/or e-mail (

Distinction Review Process

The Distinction Scholarship is ODI’s premier scholarship and is the equivalent of the cost of attendance.  

  • Students will be notified by January 30, 2015 if selected for an on-campus interview to be held March 6 – 7, 2015.  
  • Students will be notified by March 20, 2015, if selected for this scholarship.
  • More details will be available soon 

Maximus, Provost, Trustee Scholarships

You will be considered for the Morrill Scholarship if you have been offered a Maximus, Provost or Trustee Scholarship by Undergraduate Admissions.  Your application will be forwarded to ODI for evaluation.   Due to the greater value of this award,  any merit award scholarships that may be offered to you through Undergraduate Admissions will not be stacked on top of (or in addition) to your Morrill Scholars award.

To be considered for the Morrill Scholarship after submitting the Common Application

  • Click here to apply after submitting the Common Application
  • Essays submitted by November 30, 2014 will receive priority consideration. 
  • We will accept completed MSP forms until February 2, 2015. 

 If more information is needed, please send a note to: